Posted in February 2013

Gangnam Style Lion Dance in Singapore

Saw a cool lion dance choreography video as posted by a Chloe Chin on Facebook.

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Because I’m worth it: the relationship economist | Life and style | The Guardian

Because I’m worth it: the relationship economist | Life and style | The Guardian.


An insightful article that makes me re-evaluate the so called strategies of love. I like to believe i’m the Keynesian Economist. Let’s hope i can find the right economy to grow soon.

Interesting uses of old Lanyards

I had a bolster string came off for quite a while and i couldn’t find an appropriate string to insert it back in. I did not want to buy a new ball of string because i knew i probably wouldn’t use it again. While packing up some old lanyards, an idea came to mind to resue the string from the lanyards! They were soft, looked nice and even colorful!

All you need:

Step 1 : Cut the approximate length of the lanyard
Step 2: Use a safety pin to pin one end of the mini rope.
Step 3: Slide, crunch up the folds and release to guide the pin along the inner threads
Step 4: When both sides come through, Tie em up and end of the fraying ends by burning it lightly with a lighter!



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How to write Voucher Terms & Conditions

Tips on writing terms and conditions in your promotional material (catered towards the service industries like beauty/  wellness / spas / clinics / salons

The following is a (non exhaustive) collection of terms to consider when creating your promotional material

1) Define who is the voucher valid for
(eg: For new? / existing customers above XX years old with ? problems)

2) State validity of voucher , expiry date
(eg: Offer valid till XX JAN 2013)

3) Whether can combine promotions be used
(eg:  Not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion or discount)

4) Disclaimers if any
(Eg: Vouchers are not exhangable for cash, refundable for cash, products / or services)

5) How to use the voucher?
(eg: Strictly by appointment Please call XXXXXXX to book your slot)

6) Where is it valid at ?
(list locations Voucher is redeemable at)

7) Authenticity
(eg: Original voucher must be presented . Altered, defaced damage or photocopied vouchers will not be accepted )

8) Your rights
(eg: Company reserves te right to admend any terms & conditions without prior notice)


Hope this list of information is useful to anyone figuring out how to write it

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Why i started this post on gracious behavior?

There is too much bitching and trolling online on bad behavior

I wanted to archive a collection of scenarios where we see something that shouldn’t have happen happens. And gather some feedback on what we would/ could/ should have done about it.

What happened to basic grammar?

I hate it when people

1) Mix up “your” and “you’re”

2) Same goes for “Their” , “They’re” & “There”


This picture sums it up pretty well