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Living With Less. A Lot Less. –

Graham Hill

via Living With Less. A Lot Less. –


AND this is a great comeback to the above article

Seeking Approval In All The Wrong Places | Thought Catalog

Seeking Approval In All The Wrong Places | Thought Catalog.


Written so beautifully with such intense intimacy, i thought i had to share it

Think Before I Speak




A useful note to self before i say anything. consider if it fulfils the following rules:
Think before you speak

I received the best compliment today!

My best friend is a very private person, stingy with hugs and compliments, not one to sugarcoat his words and I could always count on him for a taste of reality slapped in my sometimes trying-to-hold-on-to-naivity-in-lalaland-face. Lest to say fishing for compliments is a tough case and I’ve never expected much.

Yet today for the first time I learnt that he described of me to his girlfriend that I was the most reliable friend he could count on to save his day.

He actually gave an analogy of how the 3 best friends in his life come into play if he would get into an accident – friend J would b there to help nurse his wounds, plug the bleeding and stay thru the night with him / friend K would come in to lend a shoulder to cry on the emotional impact of the accident and heartache of the $ pocket/ friend E (which is me) would be the one he calls when the immediate dust has settled to help him with the insurance , claims, workshop selection, quote, repairs, replacement cars and all other practical matters. – TRUELY RELIABLE. [erm .. What?? like that also can ah? *rolls eyes*

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