Posted in April 2013


Bluesette, Bluesette ..
The scene was set.
The reds full bodied, the whites tingling. the lights dimmed and voices cleared.
Music was enchanting , jazz words alluring. The black’s voice deep and bellowing.
She dropped the hints, laid the moves.. Just short of rolling out the red carpet for him.
He was absorbed, indifferent, oh how many a hearts he broke.
Rat a tat , rat a tap.. Tamagoh played..
But as the night frought colder..he kept his hands and looked away…


Chemicals that make you fat

1) Atrazine
2) Bisphenol – A (BPA)
3) mercury in high fructose corn syrup – no more than 3 cans of tuna a week
4) Triclosan – in hand sanitizer
5) Phthalates – in plastics , shampoo and nail polish
6) tributylin