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Why Weddings Have Become Meaningless Displays Of Pretense For Gen-Y | Elite Daily

I have always dreamed of having a grand wedding when i was younger. Sucked totally by the rom -com make belief of fairy tales but as i grew, i eventually felt the truth of what was said in this article. It is not my desire to “prove” to the whole world my love for another.  Perhaps that would be my parents wishes.

via Why Weddings Have Become Meaningless Displays Of Pretense For Gen-Y | Elite Daily.

Portable Speakers Amplifier (8hr battery with USB slot) – Usable with ipod / mp3 player

Need a multi-purpose amplifier for your event, chalet gathering , party or BBQ ? or even Busking?!? Plug in your guitars and jam away with this performance junkie!

You can now at an affordable weekend rental at only $50 / 2-3 days !

Do note that this high performance portable Adler Pro PA-5005 amplifier has a super long lasting 8hr battery capacity! Much more than ANY other models out there. This is super handy where available power supply may be a concern!

Ports: 2 microphone ports + guitar in + audio in cable
Controls: Guitar Vol. + Mic Vol. + Bass / Treble / Music Vol.
Comes with: Sing KTV with a bonus WIRELESS microphone! (2AA batteries not included) + Wired microphone + Power Cord (for recharge)

Play music in 3 different ways!
1) Plug in your USB thumbdrives OR
2) SD card
3) Plug your phone / ipod to the audio cable and you are good to play!

Use the FM player when you’ve run out of songs! Also great for music accompaniment if you want to play your guitar too.

And for convenience, it comes in a suitcase to wheel it around!

** BONUS: If you need a projector rental for your event, it is available at an additional top up of $30. (usual rental fee $50) See pictures of projector – See more at:


Portable Amplifer
adler pro amp











Amplifier console

amp console




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