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Tribute to Lee Kuan Yew

” Dear founding father, Your vision of a clean, green & modern Singapore dictated your actions. Thank you for dedicating your life to this commitment you made 50 years ago. We are your result and are surely proud of your creation”

I surprised myself in the last 3 days.. choking up with tears everytime a melancholic song, speech broadcast of his voice is played over the radio… and yet i savored soaking up the moment of being present with grief. Sometimes by experiencing the emotion fully, can you let it go.

LKY was always a person you read about in history books or watch in the yearly televised speeches from the late 80s and 90s. However, as in the last 2 days, and the release of all early nation building media, his earlier speeches (delivered with fervour), and watching interviews of people who have come in interaction with this loving man…. has given a richer dimension to the man who ruled with the iron fist.

One particular documentary “The Day it Rained on our Parade” struck me in particular on how the young LKY initiated NS, national day parades, commissioned the writing of national day songs to build the “feeling of national identify” and his vision for One Singapore, united by people of different races, language or religion.

On the fateful NDP of 1967, months after the news of the British army pull out and when everyone was fearing how Singapore wouldn’t make it… our forefathers that day were united by the torrential rain and the goosebumps-inducing moment when LKY refused to be sheltered by the minders with umbrellas, but instead braved the rain alongside the parade contingents, with steely determination.. and not flinching one bit from the cold drenching discomfort. That moment, he set an example for all in the crowd, who didn’t dare move an inch, allowing the citizens to place hope and trust in a man the country could count on to build the Singapore we have today.

As i ride along our Clean & Green roads and observing all our efficiencies we sometimes take for granted… I cannot help but feel extremely grateful to a group of young men, led by leader LKY and who dedicated 52 years of his life, and thank him for having the foresight to create a world that was beyond their time, to demand excellence over every area that turned our little red dot into a global brand on the world stage.

Corporate honchos will agree that it takes a man of mettle to develop a strong company culture…. i say , what more building a National Identity?? It’s like 1000x the mess on a larger scale!

The disgruntlement we have today over policies that have overgrown its purpose and usefulness have resulted in many citizens feeling frustrated or simply become apathetic to the state of things. Don’t get these feelings of anger & indifference mixed up.. because like me, you can be apathetic to politicking, but still passionate towards nation-building.


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