Beliefs and Values: Critical Questions to ask oneself

What drives our emotions and behaviours?

1) Beliefs & Values

2) Personality


Beliefs-At-That-Point-In-Time (BATPIT) are immediate thoughts in response to an event. By observing your BATPIT you can find the main drivers of your emotions and behavior

Underlying beliefs are fundamental and deep seated, and applied similarly across different situations.

How do detect your underlying beliefs? Ask yourself these questions

1) What does this event mean to you?

2) What is the worse / most upsetting part of the event for me?

3) What does that say about me?

4) What is so bad about my response?


Ways to detect your own BATPIT

1) Describe event objectively (who, what , when , where)

2) Describe your feelings and behaviours in response to the event

3) Ask yourself: What was i thinking that brought about my feelings / behaviour?