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How to write Voucher Terms & Conditions

Tips on writing terms and conditions in your promotional material (catered towards the service industries like beauty/  wellness / spas / clinics / salons

The following is a (non exhaustive) collection of terms to consider when creating your promotional material

1) Define who is the voucher valid for
(eg: For new? / existing customers above XX years old with ? problems)

2) State validity of voucher , expiry date
(eg: Offer valid till XX JAN 2013)

3) Whether can combine promotions be used
(eg:  Not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion or discount)

4) Disclaimers if any
(Eg: Vouchers are not exhangable for cash, refundable for cash, products / or services)

5) How to use the voucher?
(eg: Strictly by appointment Please call XXXXXXX to book your slot)

6) Where is it valid at ?
(list locations Voucher is redeemable at)

7) Authenticity
(eg: Original voucher must be presented . Altered, defaced damage or photocopied vouchers will not be accepted )

8) Your rights
(eg: Company reserves te right to admend any terms & conditions without prior notice)


Hope this list of information is useful to anyone figuring out how to write it

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